Shang Lin Sea Oolong

Shang Lin Sea Oolong

This tea is rich of the hills smell slowly released from the mouth, like bathing in the forest full of phytoncid with fresh breathing. We have three different selections of Shan-Lin-Xi Oolongs in terms of growing elevation:


1. Nantou Ran-An: Refreshing and mild floral finish 

2. Longfeng canyon has high profile of tea aroma and performance

3. The highest altitude of Shanlinsi tea area that tastes strong and sweet aftertaste


Growing areas: Shang Lin Sea Area, 1400-1600 meters high


Do we offer sample testers?


Of course we do! How can you tell if you like our tea without tasting?! We are glad to send you sample teas FREE OF CHARGE with pre-paid shipping cost. Feel free to reach out and let us know more about your personal preferences, this is going to be a wow experience.


There are many grades of teas for the same varietal. Please contact us for product inquiry.

  • Tea Facts

    Artisanal rolled into small tight balls. Unfurled leaves in beautifully whole shape. Thick and tender.  Pale yellow color with high profile floral fragrance and sweet aftertaste that only quality mountain tea produces.
  • Customized Services


    Loose leaves from 1 kilogram only. Further discount will be offered for bulk purchasing Our in-house design team offers you all aspect brand packaging solution Rectangular pillow & triangle pyramid tea bag with customized design pouches. 
  • Quality Guarantee

    We treat every tea leaf as gift from nature and process with all our hearts to reflect its pure taste.


    All our tea leaves are:

    • naturally grown with natural approach that rhymes with nature. 
    • young tender leaves at competition grade without bitterness or astringency
    • hand-plucked with one-tip-three-leaf grade 
    • processed by award-winning tea masters with over 30 years of experience
    • Non-harmful Residues or artificial flavoring
    • Mountain teas signature delicate scent and sweet aftertaste.
  • Certification

    • All the tea leaves will go through strict testing to ensure no harmful residues.
    • All of our products passed national RBPR insecticides check and certified by Taiwan Council of Agriculture.
    • Health Cerfiticate issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare 

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