Dawn Oolong Tea Tin

Dawn Oolong Tea Tin

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ACE TEA works with all our hearts to deliver the natural aroma and sweet taste of Taiwan high mountain teas to every sip in tea lover’s cups. 


Our branded tea products are a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance that represent appreciation to the top-quality teas that rhymes with mountain, soil, climate, and pursistence of tea masters.  


We sincerely invite partnerships from distributors, tea shops, retailers, wholesalers, sales agents worldwide. 

  • Content

    Each tea tin contains 30 grams of delicate selections of popular Formosa Oolong/Green teas or 20 grams of smooth Black teas that is satisfying to tea lovers worldwide. 


    Please contact us for retail or wholesale inquiry. 

  • Quality Gurantee

    We treat every tea leaf as gift from nature and process with all our hearts to reflect its pure taste. All our tea leaves are:

    • naturally grown with natural oraganic approach that rhymes with nature. 
    • young tender leaves at competition grade without bitterness or astringency
    • hand-plucked with one-tip-three-leaf grade 
    • processed by award-winning tea masters with over 30 years of experience
  • Certification

    All the tea leaves will go through strict testing to ensure no harmful residues.

    • All of our products passed national RBPR insecticides check and certified by Taiwan Council of Agriculture.
    • Health Cerfiticate issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare

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