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ACE TEA has been a value-added custom tea products supplier for brands, corporations, and retailers since 2015.

  • LOOSE LEAVES - Freely choose from our wide selections or send you us your own teas.

  • TEA BAG MATERIALS - Ultrosonic sealing non-woven fabric, PET mesh, and biodegradable PLA.

  • CREATIVE TEA BAG - Vitalize your tea bag with story-telling elements.

  • PRESERVATION - Vacuum sealing to extend shelf life.

  • VARIETAL PACKAGING - Custom printing foil bag, tea tins, gift box, wooden box, etc.

  • SINGLE ORIGIN - Authentic Taiwanese mountain teas guaranteed without blending.

  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS - Professional in-house design & production team tailoring to your business.

  • QUICK PROTOTYPING - Visualize your innovative ideas with real manual samples.



We have the perfect custom tea packaging solution for all your varied needs.

Promote your brand by offering a  tea bag like no other.


Mark your corporate event with  a memorable packaging.


Infuse some brand personality into drinking routines.


Generate hot topics with less marketing efforts.


Bring fun to daily lives with creative design & packaging. 


Send the best regards with the receiver's name on.




Select one of these popular products or talk to our Product Specialist > 

  • Traditional & Creative styles

    Design / Manufacture / Packaging

    Pyramid Tea Bag

  • Traditional & Creative rectangular style

    Design / Manufacture / Packaging

    Pillow Tea Bag

  • Custom tea & Storage tins & Gift box
    Best for wedding & anniversary

    Custom Gifting

  • One-stop fully personalized design, production and packaging services.

    Custom Packaging


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Frequently Asked Question?

What's so special about Alpine Teas?

Grown in alpine farms above 3800ft sea level and produced by artisan tea master that won numerous tea awards over 35 years, you are unlikely to find the same quality tea at your local retailer or wholesaler.  

Where do you source the alpine teas?

We do long term contract farming with tea farms endowed with abundant natural climate and growing conditions to ensure consistent natural farming management. 

How do you make sure the premium taste?

By hand-plucking young & tender tea buds during Spring and Winter season, this leaves the tea leaf to a maximum exposure to natural climate and allows longer period of nutrition absorption.

Can I trial your teas before placing wholesale order?

Of course we insist so! How do you like the one the world's finest teas without first tasting them?! We are happy to send you free sample tester with pre-paid shipping cost only.

How to become one of your wholesale partners?

Simply submit the Wholesale Inquiry Form or directly talk to our tea specialist via WhatsApp +886-921-834-053 and you will receive our reply within 24 working hours.  


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