Discover Rare Formosa Teas from Mountain Farms every month!


Life is an accumulation of good things.

Taiwan produces some of the finest teas in the world. It has invigorating taste that will brighten up your day!

Each month you will receive a package of authentic Taiwanese artisan loose leaf teas.

Directly sent from mountain tea farms and produced by prize-winning tea master.

Satiate your thirst with a natural taste bud delight from alpine above 1200m to 2800m!





Pam T.


I have been really enjoying this experience! I love the idea that I can choose my own teas every month. It's a great way to explore new flavors that I wouldn't have ordered otherwise.



Your tea specialist is very helpful. I received 6 different teas so far and they are all amazing. I'm gonna send this as a gift to my friends who are also tea lovers. Really worth it!!


Frequently Asked Question?

What will I get in my monthly box?

You’ll get a special box including one or two specialized teas every month. Each box will have 50g of each tea, total of 100g (20-30 cups to fill your month).

Can I try for alpine teas first before subscription?

There's always a first time for alpine teas. Tourist Plan is your best answer, where you get to try all the popular alpine teas Taiwan is best known for. 

Do I have to pay the shipping cost?

No, unless you live in Himalaya Mountains that is out of reach of international postal service. All the subscription plans are free of shipping charge. 

What does bonus mean for the first box?

For 6-month subscription or more, in the first box you will receive a reusable tea infuser that make you easily fall in love with artisan teas and greatly help during your busy times.  

When will I receive my first box?

Your first tea box will be shipped within 3 working days after you submit subscription form. Your subsequent boxes will be shipped after a month from your last shipment date.

Is there a side effect of drinking Alpine Teas?

I really wish I can lie and say no, but please be warned that you might no longer tolerate astringent teas after trying one of the world's most prestigious teas.


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