pure taste 

from tea master


Taiwan is gifted with natural environments and abundantly endowed with high mountains, making some of Taiwanese teas the best in the world. Yet Cha Dao (Art of Tea) is never easy. It is a dynamic process that requires the right technique, utensils and deep understanding of tea connoisseurship.


ACE TEA believes tea is a natural gift nurtured by the sun, rain, and earth. Drinking tea should be a simple appreciation to Mother Nature. We wish to make the experiences of drinking teas a pure and simple enjoyable moments in our busy lives.

Our teas are grown in a perfect combination of mountain appearance, soil, fertilizer, climate, and all sorts of congenital conditions for growing top-quality teas. Our tea Masters, with over 30 years of experiences, unceasingly devoted to the art of producing the top-quality teas and had won numerous prizes in more than ten Competitions of Formosa High Mountain Teas.


ACE TEA works with all our hearts to deliver the natural aroma and sweet taste of Taiwan high mountain teas to every sip in tea lover’s cups.


We select only young tender and one-tip-three-leaf sprout harvested in spring and winter seasons. All our teas must go through strict agricultural chemical examination. All the products are certified by international and national RBPR standard for non-pesticide residues by Council of Agriculture.


With continuous pursuit of organic natural growing, we do not use any agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizer and growth hormonein. We solely adopt organic fertilizer, trying to grow naturally with the nature. We believe in tea master’s profession, honesty, diligence, pursuit in high-quality and natural teas.



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